Dark Drum and Bass Songs from Industry Giant Band and Artist

Welcome to the Dark Drum and Bass ( what is Dark DNB ? ) Songs Collection from Industry Giant band.

For all of you who love Dark Drum and Bass, this is the store for you: Many Industry Giant songs are free to download.

Another Night in Night City

by Industry Giant | How Will You Play The End of the World?

Chaotic Saturday

by Industry Giant | ChaoSphere

Remember the Name [RMX]

by Industry Giant | ChaoSphere

A great way to see more about the Artist / Band : Industry Giant is by following the Blog Section of the site.

Industry Giant Band … or Artist?

Industry Giant Band or Industry Giant Artist is a musical movement started in 2007 when two friends got together to see how they can remix the web and find a new musical experience to express a wonder for nature, space, human relationships and the human mind in general.

Some of the works are solo, some of them are collaborations with other artists.

industry giant band

“Sunset Avenue” is a song made by both heads of the Industry Giant project and one more is expected to come where we envision and tackle the themes of High Fantasy: with industrial, grit, blood, orcs and rock n roll.

It’s debatable whether this is a band, or an artist… what it certainly is … is this: it’s a music project. And we’ll keep trying to deliver something new to those who are curious to listen.

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